CheeseSkool – Auvergne Cheese Adventures

The best way to explore a country is with your taste-buds and what better way to discover France than through its cheese!

Situated in the beautiful Livradois Forez, ‘CheeseSkool’ is a 2.5 hour workshop dedicated to tasting, discussing and discovering cheese. World famous Auvergne AOP cheeses, no-name artisanals and rare mirco-local market produce. Let us take you on an edible journey through the ‘Route des Fromages’, immersing you in French food culture and revealing the histories behind the local produce.

Taste different milk types – goat, cow and sheep, raw milk versus pasteurised, fresh young cheese alongside mature and well aged. Discover the different recipes, cheesemakers, the myths and legends behind each cheese. Explore new parings with wines*, beers, ciders or soft drinks and discover interesting and unusual accompaniments. Learn what to look for when buying cheese, tips on how best to store, cut and present your cheeseboard for personal pleasure or parties alike.  And if, like us, you fall in love with the region’s produce, we’ll happily assist you to ‘meet the maker’ and share our favourite markets and ‘secret’ artisan producers.

CheeseSkool takes place in English (French is also possible) and can be reserved for most days of the week. We usually start at mid-day, which means you won’t need to worry about lunch, although other times may be available. CheeseSkool costs 35 euros per adult and has a maximum group size of 8. Children are more than welcome, whether they love cheese… or not. *CheeseSkool also offers accommodation which is especially useful if you enjoy the wine, beer and cider parings!

CheeseSkool is also adaptable! If you need a different time, date, group size or location – please just ask. And of course, the Auvergne is not only renowned for cheese, so why not try our other food adventure – Terroir63 – including volcanic wine, beer and produce, wild breads, traditional charcuterie, mountain specialties, ingredients and recipes.

CheeseSkool is situated at Le Coteau d’Olliergues 63880. Olliergues is in the heart of the Livradois Forez, on the D906 between Ambert (famous for Forme D’Ambert) and Thiers (Famed for knives to cut cheese!)

To inquire, book or to simply say hello, email or 0033 6 34487640

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